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Talazen Spotlight: Malia Nagle

This series shines a light on the amazing people who make Tala possible. Learn more about how they enable financial agency for our customers.

Meet Malia, VP of Product Design and Research at Tala! Malia guides our product design & research team to be strong customer advocates. They strive to deliver beautifully crafted experiences that are easy to use and our customers love. 

What made you want to join Tala?

I’ve spent the past 8+ years working in fintech, specifically on products that help democratize financial services. I was raised by a single mom and grew up living paycheck to paycheck — I know how much it means to make every dollar count. I appreciated Tala’s global mission and connected with people during the interview process.

What’s unique about the challenges you and your team are taking on?

It’s a beautiful thing to collaborate with so many people working toward a shared mission. We’re tasked with creating experiences that are easy for our customers to use so that their immediate pain points can be solved. Given our diverse markets, my team is always aiming to get closer to our customers — we’re always digging deeper.

What impact are you making at Tala?

Since starting at Tala six months ago, I’ve been a champion for our customers and the areas of the app experience with the highest friction points. Every time customers log into our app, they should have confidence that the experience will be easy and delightful to use.

What unique skills and specialties are needed to succeed on your team?

To be successful on my team, you need to be customer-obsessed and have a deep understanding of their pain points. Not all of my team is physically in every market we serve, so we must ground ourselves in who we are building for.

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