Complex data. Innovative solutions.

We’re connecting 10,000+ data points per customer to build a new kind of credit score. It's working in a way that the world has never seen before.


Inventure_WebIconsCreative Science

Creative science

We question everything. We find insights where others don’t, analyzing everything from geolocation trends to network diversity to build our algorithms.

Inventure_WebIconsDisruptive Finance

Disruptive finance

Traditional credit doesn’t work in emerging markets — mobile does. On our mobile platform, customers can apply for credit and receive an instant decision.


Global impact

Our data models have empowered hundreds of thousands of customers globally to choose their financial futures.

How Tala Works

A New Kind of Credit Score

Our credit models allow us to evaluate an applicant's creditworthiness and capacity using the data on their mobile devices. This means we can evaluate and score even those customers who have no formal credit or banking history.

Real-Time Credit

Anyone with an Android smartphone in our markets can download the Tala app, apply for credit, and receive an instant decision. Tala disburses loans in minutes to customers using mobile wallets, and in less than a day to customers using traditional cash-out options.

Full Financial Partnership

Smart data models allow customers to increase their limits and build a financial identity. Within our platform, customers can view their credit status, track payments, get reminders, and ask for help. Making and receiving payments is quick and easy.

Services Built for People

All customers receive a personalized financial experience tailored to their needs and goals. From application to repayment, our app
provides a seamless experience that gives customers financial choice
and control.


We believe everyone deserves financial access, choice and control.

We are data scientists, engineers, customer experience designers, marketers, and finance geeks all passionate about extending financial freedom to the billions of underserved people around the world.