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Three billion people are financially underserved. But they don’t have to be.

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Shivani Siroya,

Tala Founder & CEO | TED Talk

On the TED stage, Shivani Siroya, Tala’s CEO and Founder, shares about the challenge people in emerging markets face when they are unable to secure credit and the economic potential unlocked when they partner with Tala.

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Culture at Tala

We are engineers, data scientists, designers, marketers, people ops professionals, and finance geeks all passionate about extending financial freedom to the billions of underserved people across the globe.

Diversity at Tala

It is our strong belief that our company should reflect the kind of world we want to build and live in. We serve a global customer base, and fulfilling our mission requires a diverse team of equals working together across borders and boundaries.

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TeamTala Perks

Getting Close to Customers

With offices in Mexico City, Nairobi, Manila and Bangalore, Tala offers Santa Monica-based team members frequent opportunities to travel to our markets!


Tala offers full coverage for health, dental and vision insurance for our team members and their families. We have opportunities for free massages in the office, and healthy snacks and, unlimited PTO and more!

Professional Development

Every Tuesday at lunch, a resident expert teaches a master class on everything from SQL queries to growth hacking, while digging into delicious eats from nearby hotspots. We also sponsor employee visits to professional conferences.


We take fun seriously: food adventures throughout downtown, ping pong, intramural leagues, go-karting, workout classes, and weekend outings into the great outdoors.

Our Founding Principles

Believe in People

Understand and dismantle bias. Uphold your commitments; have confidence in others’ ability to uphold theirs. Give and seek feedback that is direct, honest, and actionable. Help each other grow.

Listen and Learn

Always start with an open mind. Make a point to engage with other points of view. Find out why. Share what you learn. Turn learnings into action.

Prove Potential by Any Means Necessary

Cultivate curiosity. Ask questions relentlessly and thoughtfully experiment. Look for new and better evidence. Make rigorous, data-driven decisions.

Challenge Our Limits

Be honest. Embrace mistakes as opportunities for learning. Change what isn’t working. Adapt with positivity. Power through adversity. Celebrate progress, big and small. We’re all in this together.

Open Positions

Are you curious, adaptable, and motivated? Are you looking for an opportunity with science and soul? Check out our open positions to find where you could thrive.

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