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Talazen Spotlight: Luis Enrique Martinez

This series shines a light on the amazing people who make Tala possible. Learn more about how they enable financial agency for our customers.

Meet Luis Enrique Martinez, Senior CX Site Director at Tala! Luis leads a team focused on delivering stellar customer experience and ensuring we put our customers at the center of all our decisions.

Why did you join Tala?

I wanted to be part of a growing company with a meaningful social impact. At Tala, I have the ownership, accountability, and autonomy to execute fast, relevant, significant decisions that drive fast-paced growth and market leadership in Mexico.

Every day I contribute to the financial inclusion revolution with products uniquely designed for our markets and customer requirements so that millions of Mexicans can achieve their financial goals.

What’s unique about the challenges you are taking on?

Our products require almost immediate services, decisions, and responses. Given the nature of our customer segment, we are very thoughtful about how we go about this. My team is tasked with ensuring customer needs are centered in this process. We must be available for them whenever they need us. 

What impact are you making here?

I’m proud to be part of and to build an incredible team. We are customer-oriented and impact-driven to support our accelerated growth in Mexico. From customer care to quality assurance, our top priority is serving our customers. We aim to deliver stellar service in each contact we have with them.

How did you get into your field?

Since the beginning of my career, I felt a passion for serving and understanding customers and was curious about how this impacts business. I’ve had the opportunity to talk with customers in many ways, like contact centers, customer services face-to-face, marketing, behavioral economics, and CX Research, and across industries. With my economics, marketing, and MBA education, Tala has everything I was looking for. Here, I combine my passion and experience for social impact, technology, and finance!

Want to join a remote-first company to build a financial system that works for everyone? #TeamTala is hiring!

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