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How Sarahi Used Tala to Finish Her Degree

Sarahi, 25, describes herself as a surprise. Although an edgy dresser, she’s an incredibly warm and friendly person whose career is underpinned by her understanding of human connection. She spends her days working with people to align their passions and purpose with work. 

As a full time recruiter at a start-up and a student, for four years Sarahi’s days began at 6:00 AM when she headed to work and didn’t end until 10:00 PM after her last night class ended. After hustling so hard, Sarahi still found herself a few certifications away from graduating with her degree in psychology.

Additional fees attached to final exams and certificates were more than she anticipated and made finishing the semester difficult. She turned to Tala to cover what she needed.

“Because of Tala, I was able to finish my college degree,” she explains. “In my last month, I had to pay for my certifications, graduation exams, and other documents, along with food, rent and transportation. I couldn’t have finished my degree without Tala’s support.”

For now, she’s enjoying having a little more time but she is still trekking ahead. Her goal now is to save enough to get her Masters in reproductive health — an issue that she’s incredibly passionate about. 

Congratulations on your graduation, Sarahi! We’re excited to see what you’ll do next for the world.

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