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Want to fix finance for 3 billion people? Here’s the job for you.

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Since we raised our first seed round in 2013, Tala has been on a mission: to radically expand financial inclusion by becoming the world’s biggest and most trusted financial services provider. This mission, and our mobile-first solution, has brought brilliant, experienced, and diverse minds through our doors — including a roster of top-notch investors and advisors and a team of passionate doers. In the past year alone, we’ve brought in VPs and senior management from big names like Apple, Uber, and Capital One along with upstarts like ZestFinance and Remitly. Together we’ve made Tala the fastest growing fintech startup in emerging markets, impacting people from Kenya to Mexico, from the Philippines to India, and beyond.

But Tala isn’t done building; in fact, we’re only just beginning.

Tala is at one of the most exciting and critical moments in our short history. We’re growing an average of 130% quarterly. Our team has quadrupled in size since the start of 2017 as we’ve expanded to seven offices globally. Along the way, we’ve scaled our company culture across borders and made diversity and equity a priority — with the result that more than half of our people managers today are women, and nearly two-thirds of our teammates are from the markets where we work.

Growing fast is not unusual, especially for startups. What makes Tala unusual is that our growth comes with higher-than-usual stakes. We are not only trying to build a scalable, profitable business; we are also trying to address a problem that affects almost 40% of the world’s population. To date, Tala has provided credit to 1.4 million customers globally — but that 1.4 million is only a small fraction of the 3 billion people who are considered financially underserved.

And right now, we need people who can lead, people who’ve been in our shoes before and who know how to help us accelerate this dynamic and challenging phase of growth.We need people who, above all, believe in our mission and want to make financial services work for more of the world’s people.

So if you are a COO, a VP of People, or a CFO with startup experience — if you love a challenge, lead by serving, are insatiably curious, and believe in people — let’s talk. If you dreamed of changing the world as a kid, and think you have the grit required to take on a system as big and as entrenched as global finance, then I want to hear from you. Come work for a company that is leveraging best-in-class technology and data to solve one of the world’s biggest and most urgent challenges. Help build a team that isn’t just barreling towards a big exit, but trying to solve a significant problem.

Our market opportunity is as massive and as ambitious as our mission. Recent studies show a $2.1 trillion unmet need for credit in emerging markets. We’ve raised $105 million from Revolution, IVP, DCVC, Lowercase, and Female Founders Fund who see this chance to not only impact individual lives through credit, but also unlock the potential of entire economies.

Come work for a company that is leveraging best-in-class technology and data to solve one of the world’s biggest and most urgent challenges.

We are at an incredible moment in human history — a time when technology affords us a limitless opportunity to do good. We are a company of people who believe in this moment and in our power to build tomorrow. And we know that, if we do our jobs well, we’ll create opportunities for more people around the world to build their tomorrows, too.

P.S. We’re hiring for more than just leadership at Tala! Visit us here on LinkedInor to find a match. If you don’t see a fit right now, email us anyway and tell us what you want to do !

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