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Tala launches COVID-19 Rebuild Fund to support vulnerable communities

Communities and small businesses around the world are in a tough position due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The resulting shutdowns have been particularly devastating for vulnerable communities in emerging markets. That’s why Tala has established the COVID-19 Rebuild Fund to support small businesses providing essential services to their communities.

Through the fund, Tala will offer specialized 0% interest loans directly to small businesses providing necessities, such as health-care, food, education, and related logistics. This is just the beginning for the Rebuild Fund. We are currently evaluating partnership opportunities and additional ways to assist customers and their communities by providing timely products and tools.

For more information on the fund and trusted safety resources on COVID-19, please visit the following sites: 

Interested in partnering with us on your COVID-19 support efforts or contributing to the fund? Tala’s advanced technology and infrastructure ensures that 100% of all contributions go directly to those in need – with no fees, no commission, and no hassle to the recipient. Please contact us at for more information.

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