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Talazen Spotlight: Eva Ayub

This series shines a light on the amazing people who make Tala possible. Learn more about how they enable financial agency for our customers.

Meet Eva Ayub, QA Engineering Manager at Tala! Leading a team of engineers in both the Philippines and Kenya, Eva and her team test the Tala app to ensure our products work optimally to meet customers’ needs. 

How does your team define success?

The success of our QA testing is indicated by reductions in app interruptions or system downtimes that limit customer activity. We’re able to do this by 1) ensuring we have a proper understanding of all the product intricacies and 2) elaborate testing across the board at all times.

What’s unique about the challenges you are taking on?

A current challenge I’m working on uniquely sheds light on the need for proper technical design and pre-emptive thinking of the Tala app before the customer gets to use it — plus a need for performance testing. 

Without intentional design, we’d constantly seek solutions for an otherwise avoidable, simple performance issue. We’re strategically laying out how lines of code translate to use in production in the realm of load stability. 

How would you describe the culture at Tala?

The team in Tala is greatly gifted, and folks are continually challenged to attain higher standards just by the existing culture. At Tala, you never cease to learn — from market trends to customers’ needs to technical skills. There’s always something new to learn at Tala.

What does one need to be successful on your team?

Within QA, a strong understanding of the scope to cover during testing is crucial for success. A great understanding of the product and the solution we intend to provide for our customers is also great for promoting success within QA.

What’s your number one engineering tip?

When you have the end user in mind, the QA work makes more sense because it pushes you to work for the best optimal experience a customer could get.

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