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Talazen Spotlight: Tina Wang

This series shines a light on the amazing people who make Tala possible. Learn more about how they enable financial agency for our customers.

Meet Tina, Manager of Analytics Engineering at Tala! Tina is enabling data accessibility by rolling out the Tala data dictionary across our entire org. This makes data more available to anyone at any time and enables people to make data-driven decisions.

What surprised you about Tala?

There are so many learning opportunities, such as code reviews to learn from co-workers! Our director has office hours twice a week to answer any questions, and we have unlimited access to online courses through Linkedin Learning. At Tala, there’s opportunity to grow.

What’s unique about the challengings you are taking on?

Talazens are data-driven. We use data to make all decisions regarding who to lend to, for how much, and for how long. Our team has a huge impact on the business and the customers.

What unique skills and specialties do you need to succeed on your team?

One needs to have the self-drive to work independently and the collaborative spirit to support one another.

What’s your number one engineering tip?


Want to join a remote-first company to build a financial system that works for everyone? #TeamTala is hiring!

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