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Talazen Spotlight: Anand Chokshi

This series shines a light on the amazing people who make Tala possible. Learn more about how they enable financial agency for our customers.

Meet Anand, Staff Software Engineer at Tala! Anand architected a decision and segmentation platform that helps Tala collect different data points and generate loan decisions with rapid experimentation to better serve new users and reward improved terms to our loyal customers. The entire system revolves around self-service configuration, enabling our credit team to adjust configs without any engineering intervention.

What’s unique about the challengings you are taking on?

As we operate in emerging markets, we always face challenges around latency, data limiting, outdated hardware, etc. These limitations help us design more efficient software and come up with creative solutions that can perform on the scale in these markets.

How would you describe the culture at Tala?

One of the best things about Tala’s Engineering is the ability to adapt and incorporate feedback from new talent and make it part of our engineering practices. 

One of our founding principles is “Believe in People” — we all follow this when it comes to Engineering, giving each individual the opportunity to prove themself as they own the entire lifecycle of different features or projects and make sure it is working as expected in customers’ hands. It is fulfilling to see your code go from its inception to making a difference in your customer’s life. 

What’s your number one engineering tip?

Master your tools. For any IDE tools you use for engineering, make sure you utilize shortcuts and automate anything that you do multiple times a day. 

Want to join a remote-first company to build a financial system that works for everyone? #TeamTala is hiring!

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