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Integrity-driven data protection: Tala goes beyond compliance to protect customers’ data

With a robust, data-driven approach, Tala is transforming the financial system so everyone has access to financial services that work for them. The lack of reliable data on underestimated populations unfairly excludes billions of deserving people from the financial services they need and want. Alternative data as a proxy for traditional financial data enables Tala to extend financial agency to millions, all while developing ethical technology to keep our customers safe and in control of their finances and information. Currently, over seven million people across the globe trust Tala, thanks to our transparency and ease of access. 

Tala adheres to strict standards of privacy and goes beyond to ensure integrity, honesty, and transparency are active in all of our operations. We have a number of policies, practices, and team members dedicated to ensuring our customers are properly protected. 

World-class data scientists and engineers 

Tala is made up of the best and brightest, so our customers can trust their information is secure. Coming from cutting-edge institutions and top universities, our team is solving complex challenges to service and protect customers through innovative data-driven solutions. As our team builds new mechanisms for enabling financial agency, they also adhere to accepted best practices, often going beyond to ensure even stronger protection. By working with the top data scientists and engineers, rest assured that when we say customer data is secure, we actually mean it.

Rigorous data protection and privacy

Tala takes intentional care to ensure all customers’ data is protected by industry-standard security techniques — we keep data encrypted, limit personally-identifiable information, and are clear about how the data is used. All information Tala collects during the application process is used primarily to verify customer identity and build their credit profile. Beyond this, Tala never shares or sells personal information with third parties. We’re constantly innovating on our data protection protocol with teams dedicated to data ethics, protection, and privacy from multiple disciplines. 

Transparent, ethical data practices

We design Tala products to protect customer data and give them control over their information. Our average rating of 4.8 on Google Playstore is just one small indicator of our customer’s trust. While some organizations impersonate us to scam customers by using similar but misleading names, our customers know: 

  • Tala explicitly requests permission from customers to share their data. App permissions are granted using clear in-app prompts. Tala includes clear additional explanations of what data we are requesting and how it will be used.
  • We only process applications through the Tala Mobile app. ​​We designed our application process to be very simple. Anyone can do it from their phone without help. By keeping the entire process simple and within the app — including payment — our customers can trust their information is safe.
  • Tala observes a rigorous code of ethics in our relationship with customers. We pride ourselves on building trust with customers and building products that work for them. We would never threaten to break this trust. Learn more about how Tala customers can help protect themselves from scams and fraud. 

We see a world where people everywhere are free to pursue their dreams and build prosperity, enabled by a new financial environment that sees, understands, and trusts them. To help make this vision a reality, we rely on data-informed decisions and cultivate customer trust through transparent practices every step of the way.

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