Customer Stories

We’re proud to partner with over 4 million customers around the world who are advancing their lives and communities with Tala. Read their stories!


“Tala is transforming lives. I’ve shared Tala with everybody in my phone book. Each week I get a message that someone I have referred has repaid their loan and I get a bonus. It’s not about the money, it’s the fact that I helped someone somewhere. I feel it and I know it. That’s the beauty about it.”


“My goal is to enable my kids to get an education up to the level they want. Tala is helping me get there.”


“I have been recommending Tala. With small business people, when you go into a bank, they require so many things. But with Tala, there is no security required. Tala believes in you.”


“Tala has been a great partner. I normally just call it my secret business partner. When I’m short on cash, the first thing I get is Tala. It’s just me and my phone. That’s the advantage of Tala. It takes less than 5 minutes.”


“There’s a lot of things to say about Tala. I always call Tala a secret partner.”

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