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Titus’ software engineering internship with Tala

Titus Muthomi recaps his internship at Tala and reflects on his work with Tala’s engineering team so far.

Tell us about yourself! What brought you to Tala?

I saw this opportunity and immediately went to LinkedIn to learn more about it. I started by reviewing more senior roles because I was eager to understand the type of role I could hold in two or three years if I were to start as an intern today. Tala’s engineering culture, as depicted in these senior roles, deeply resonated with me. I like the focus on microservices, and I was elated to get the opportunity to join a team that values collaboration, learning, and continuous development. I liked Tala’s Sloth Day culture, too. For me, this was a sign of a work-life balance. 

Last but not least, I am deeply moved by the needs of people in my country. Thus, the vision of Tala to serve the underserved and to give an opportunity to those who have been overlooked really appealed to who I truly am. I was more than excited to get a chance to serve those that I resonate with most. I could go on and on, but Tala was it! After a long search, I felt the company that ticked all the boxes was Tala.

What’s unique about Tala?

At Tala, we genuinely care about our customers. Being in a lending ecosystem where customers are harassed and then seeing a company that actually prioritizes and cares for their customers was a big deal for me.

Walk us through your software engineering internship. How’d you describe your internship experience so far? 

My favorite parts of my internship so far are having written features that are used by our customers, and the access I have to super brilliant and high-achieving teammates. Here at Tala, I get to learn by building as well as watching others build. 

My team prioritizes continuous learning and development. So far, I have been able to learn and use new tools including Java, Kotlin, Php, and Springboot. Another unique thing about my team is the kind of support they give — my teammates are always on standby to help. People are busy at Tala, but when it comes to helping and unblocking, time will always be created. Also, the trust and responsibility that has been given to me as an intern is something I did not expect.

What tips do you have for others interested in a Tala internship?

Go ahead and apply! Be very curious and care about the process. Be open-minded and always eager to learn. See feedback as an opportunity to grow — it’s actually the best gift you can ever receive as it leaves you better. Be ready to help, drop everything, and join a call to unblock.

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