Applicant and Candidate Privacy Notice

In the course of your application for employment, Tala may collect the following information from you (collectively, your “Information”):

  • Identification data (e.g., full name, contact details, date of birth, government-issued identification and documents);
  • Employment and educational background (e.g., résumé or CV, employment history, professional qualifications, sample work output, compensation data, educational attainment, and character references);
  • Family information (e.g., names and contact information of dependents or close relatives);
  • Health information (e.g. pre-employment medical examination results, health status declarations, and medical history);
  • Certain third party data (e.g., information provided to or from character references and record verification and employment screening agencies);
  • Other information related to the foregoing, as Tala may see fit.

Your Information will be used by Tala to evaluate your qualifications for and disqualifications from the role that you are seeking to fill. Your Information will be stored securely for a period of five (5) years in accordance with Tala’s data retention and deletion policies. If your application is successful, your Information will form part of your personnel file. By submitting your Information to us through our official recruitment portals or communication channels, you consent to the collection and processing of your Information for these purposes. You may withdraw such consent at any time prior to your acceptance of a job offer, but doing so will cancel your application.

Your information will be processed by the Tala Group, and such processing may be done in different locations globally. Tala may, in its discretion, request a third party services provider for the conduct of background checks or employment verification, which shall be covered by separate documentation.

For more information on your data privacy rights and our data protection policies, you may reach out to us at