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A money app for the majority

Tala bridges digital and cash ecosystems to help customers seamlessly manage their financial lives, all in one app—from instant credit to easy money transfers to expansive bill pay options.

Powered by advanced AI

Tala harnesses the best of artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver a personalized, rewarding financial experience. Our proprietary data tools open vital access to the people that legacy finance has left behind.

Kenyan man smiling while looking down at his phone after Tala's advanced AI credit engine has approved his loan request
Application screen showing a credit approval message for 10,000 Kenyan shillings

Credit, reinvented

By creating a digital financial identity for every customer, Tala unlocks safe, flexible and seamless access to money. Our credit is a game-changer for those aspiring to invest in themselves, their families and their financial futures.

Delivering on the
promise of fintech

We’re harnessing next generation technologies—from machine learning to blockchain—to build trusted, real-world solutions that solve what legacy institutions can’t, or won’t.


Unlocking growth with the Tala wallet

Tala is making it easier for customers to manage their finances in real-time every day. Our secure digital wallet saves customers time and money by enabling seamless transfers, bill payments, and safe cash storage.

Personalized credit done right

Through Tala’s money app, customers can bypass the barriers imposed by legacy institutions to access an instant, personalized credit line. The application takes minutes, and real-time underwriting means our customers get the right offer as they grow with Tala.

A smarter financial experience

With personalized financial tips and dynamic rewards, Tala simplifies money management so our customers can focus on what matters most—earning more today and building wealth for tomorrow.
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Proving our impact where it counts

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“When I got approved for a loan it was like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders because I don't need to worry about my water and electricity bills.”

Jean, Philippines

“When no one was willing to help me start my dream career, Tala helped me go from baking with charcoal to baking with a clean and lovely oven. Tala trusted me to live my story.”

Baraka, Kenya

“Tala is a company for all working Mexicans. They consider you, even if you may not have a credit history. From the very beginning, Tala puts their trust and confidence in you.”

Alejandro, Mexico

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